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What is Wapa-Wapa

What Is Wapa-Wapa?

Wapa-Wapa is a company that makes jewellery from the Tagua nut, which is found in the rainforests of South America.

I have been to South America many times and it is during those times, I came across artisans working with Tagua, an ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly resource. It provides a source of income to farmers and supports reforestation. As a substitute to ivory, it also plays an important part in reducing elephant deaths for their tusks.

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The sale of the jewellery has an impact on many people. Firstly, the farmers and suppliers of the Tagua, by ensuring I ethically source the Tagua and pay a fair trade price. It also has a positive impact on many children’s lives in Ecuador. I have set up a charity that is based in the UK but works to support children in Ecuador who live in poverty. The charity is called the Mashi Foundation and helps a number of children who are in need of health care. This includes buying much needed medication as well as helping cover the costs of medical treatment. Mashi also helps children access the education system, which otherwise would be unavailable to them.

Mashi is also supporting a nursery project for 25 children in Loma Grande near Patate which is a small rural community situated about 3 hours from the capital (Quito). Without your support, this work would not be able to continue.

Please visit www.mashifoundation.org to see more.

If you buy a piece of Wapa-Wapa jewellery you are helping many people and changing many children’s lives.

I hope that you feel you are getting more than just a piece of beautiful jewellery when you buy something from Wapa-Wapa. You truly are making a difference to the lives of many children in Ecuador.

Thank you,

*The word wapa comes from the Indigenous language of Ecuador called Quechua. It means "gorgeous”, which is how you will look when you are wearing one of the necklaces! It is also the kind of feeling you will get when you think about the story behind the jewellery. "Look good, do good."

Please visit www.mashifoundation.org to see more information.

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